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Designed in house, we fabricated these dining and coffee tables from California redwood and clear epoxy, lacquered to accentuate the top and conceal the base from above.

Now reside in a fully renovated Leaside home.


This outdoor kitchenette was build to add convenience and function to a stunning backyard in Historic Meadowvale. 


The cabinetry was finished with an Silver Gray Corian countertop.  The facade is done in M|R Walls Cloud design. As dusk falls upon us, the Corian pattern really starts to shine.


Designed in house as part of our clients second storey renovation.  These wood based shaker style built in closets were created to maximize space. 


The built ins replaced a walk in closet in which was converted into an addition bedroom.  Tremendous added value and functionality in this quant Leaside home.  


Cabinets and valance are walnut veneer hand coated in tung oil.  Corian counter and a M|R Walls Matrix designed back and front lit wall.

This custom bar was designed for our showroom.  


Designed by Alison Milne Design. All cabinets and drawers are built from maple plywood. The drawer fronts and doors are CNC milled, MDF finished with a low VOC water based lacquer. 

The Brenlo poplar crown was finished prior to install with the same material as the doors to ensure a 100% colour match

Photos by Jason Gordon 


These vanities were made for STACKLAB. ​

The bases are made from oxidized canadian hard maple. The tops are tinted polished fibre reinforced concrete.

Photos by Sean McBride


Designed by Toronto design studio STACKLAB, audiofile is a privately commissioned console and Chihuli glass sculpture display. Featuring a 40' continuious band of patinated bronze, this wall mounted assembly also provides storage for a cherished vinyl collection and incorporates a single, movable shelf suited for a turntable.

Metal work by SIXPENNY


Photos by Sean McBride


We built this shelving unit to conceal the pantry and powder room, at the same time creating a simple yet slick book shelf. We tied everything into the existing kitchen by keeping the height of the base and continuing the line of the upper cabinets. This unit is made out of satin white sprayed MDF, white oak and brushed steel.

Photos by Jason Gordon


The shelving and cabinets in this room are built from a handful of rich materials. Oiled reclaimed pine, semi-oxidized hot-rolled steel, charred barn board, and satin slate lacquer give it both warmth and an industrial feel.


Built from solid black walnut, This Kendal dining table features a brushed aluminum bow-tie inlayed into the top, locking together a natural check in the walnut. The finish is a rugged, low VOC satin lacquer.



16′ x 50″ Walnut live-edge slab dining table featuring black resin crevice fills and a hand polished oil finish. The custom base is steel with a semi-oxidized blackened finish.


These two kids bedrooms have been designed in collaboration with the client and Judith Taylor. All cabinetry is sprayed MDF, colour matched to the clients sample. The black door pulls in the boys bedroom are custom welded hot rolled steel with a textured clear coat. 


Photos by Jason Gordon

This was designed in collaboration with  STACKLAB as an alternative to the traditional liquor cabinet. Top Shelf was made using Canadian black walnut and stainless steel. This assembly fastens directly to wall studs using a French clip and requires no internal blocking.


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